We provide information vital to mitigating planning applications on greenfield sites and to informing heritage management.

UK mobile: 07788 627 822

UK landline:01271 342721

Email: enquiries@substrata.co.uk
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We have moved to Barnstaple! Our initial office address is provided on these pages. In a few months time we will settle into permanent offices.
We are sorting out the details but Substrata is going limited soon. We have been trading since late 1999 but now is definitely time to create a formal entity as business continues to grow in a sustainable way. Following BREXIT times are uncertain in the construction industry in which our main business lies but the UK needs housing, factories, roads and the associated infrastructure more than ever. BREXIT is decided and we are a socially and culturally necessary part of our future growth. We are proud to be part of the UK’s future.
Our current email is linked to Microsoft accounts in a unconventional way (we had the account before we signed up to Microsoft and chose to keep things that way). The end result is, if one decides to remove a Microsoft Account, it takes a while for Microsoft to delete that account and release email addresses ... our Microsoft account and our email are now back in harmony. Hooray!!
Ross attended the CIfA GeoSIG and ADS Archiving workshop (that's the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists Geophysics Special Interest Group and the Archaeological Data Service ... you can see why they use acronyms) on Friday 27 November in Birmingham. It was both a thought-provoking and productive workshop and a great chance to speak with others in the commercial sector.
We have moved to a new office and updated our address on this site.

Substrata was filmed as part of a BBC Country File piece on a WW2 Bomber crash site